Asset Management 

The Highwood Group has worked with both national and international companies asset managing stock on their behalf. We have great experience in both managing stock and finding suitable buyers for it quickly, but also maximising on the return.

We use several different outlets;

Direct Sales 

We've built up a huge database of contacts throughout our time in business, more often than not we will know of a company/individual who deals with the type of stock/assets being sold. This allows us to source potential buyers for stock quickly and efficiently.

Online Platforms

Along with our own selling website we have long term business accounts with both Amazon and eBay. This gives us access to millions of customers all over the UK, we have put a lot of effort into keeping our accounts up to date and customer friendly. This not only gives customers complete peace of mind when dealing with us, but also ensures customers regularly return to see what new stock is available.


As we have been in the industry for many years we know that sometimes for whatever reason some stock is near impossible to sell. Auctions are the perfect outlet for this type of stock. We host auctions on which is the largest commercial auction platform in the world. We have an active marketing team who promote our auctions (and therefore your stock) to thousands of potential buyers across the UK.

We look at each company differently and tailor our approach specifically for each company's needs. To discuss asset management or for more information please contact us on 01706 869888 or fill in the contact form below.
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